Music and other art for cyber people.

Cybermode is the mothership for several projects, working as an label and agency.

Connected projects include:

Cybermode Beats
CMB (for short) is the Cybermode outlet for dark, cyberpunk styled, industrial club beats. The YouTube channel provides you with a new beat every single day. At least one weekly mix compiles Cybermode Beats tunes into a longer format. All tracks are exclusively published on YouTube first, but can later also be found at the Cybermode Bandcamp page, as well as on nearly all other related platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and so on.

Cybermode Cinematics
or short CMC is the Cybermode project for dark ambient and cinematic tunes. The YouTube channel receives several individual track uploads every month, plus compiled mixes of those tracks. All Cybermode Cinematics tunes are exclusively to be found on YouTube first but will later appear on the Cybermode Bandcamp page as well as on all relevant streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and so on.

Tylor Nygo
has released two albums so far, both can be found on Bandcamp, YouTube as well as on all relevant streaming platforms, provided the Cybermode label.
The sound of Tylor Nygo is a fusion of classic synth sounds, merged with a modern attitude and spiced with futuristic industrial elements.

Urban Matrix
is creating tracks that take influence from classic old school techno as well as from EBM and other early electronic styles, sometimes modenized with Midtempo end modern industrial elements. Most releases can be found on Bandcamp exclusively, but Urban Matrix has also released music with labels such as Brutal Resonance, Fix Recordings and Soil Records.

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