Music and other art for cyber people.

Cybermode started as a YouTube channel on April, 26. 2021. The channel was created to present compiled mixes of club-related tunes in a specific, dark, industrial style. At the moment this channel is not receiving new uploads, this might or might not change at in the future.
The Cybermode Beats YouTube channel was created in September 2021 with the goal to present a new dark clubbing tune every day. This pattern has not been broken until today. The channel also receives at least one compiled mix of those tunes every week.
On January 23. 2022 Cybermode Cinematics went public. The channel is dedicated to dark ambient and cinematic tunes. The channel is presenting three new, individual tracks every week, plus mixes and longer ambiences on a non-regular basis.
The tunes presented at the Beats and Cinematics YouTube channels can also be found on Bandcamp and nearly every other related online shop and streaming service.

Cybermode also functions as a label for connected projects.

All art used for the videos on all channels as well as covers for releases and other visuals are exclusively created by Th.I.S.. Some of these images are available as free downloads to be used as wallpapers.

Further projects, including a magazine dedicated to cyber art, are in a state of planning.

At the bottom of the page, you find links to the Cybemode social media appearances. We nearly never check direct messages there. For all inquiries please use

[Bandcamp] [Instagram] [Soundcloud] [Tumblr] [Twitter] [Mastodon]